<dif> “History Is Who We Are And Why We Are The Way We Are.” David McCullough </dif>

Philosophie de APAKABAR

APAKABAR does not identify as a “sustainable” brand or “eco fashion”. We believe in full transparency and honesty, so we prefer to say we are a brand that seeks to reduce its negative impact on our planet and work on increasing our Harmony in relation with the Earth. We are well aware of the negative impact the fashion industry has had on our environment and society, At APAKABAR we will strive to atone for this situation by proposing design solutions that benefit both the wearer and the planet. Although our purpose has a serious side, we are all about creativity and fun!

Founder & Designer

Prafitra VINIANI has always had an insatiable curiosity for nature and is constantly exploring her creativity. She is originally from Bandung, Indonesia but is now based in Cimahi where she launched her brand APAKABAR in 4 April 2018. In 2018, she graduated from Ecole de Conde Lyon, France with a Masters in Artistic Director and Fashion Marketing. Before that, Prafitra was able to cultivate her fashion talent in New York City as an assistant to Kelima K for her Couture collection in 2017 and in 2016 worked at the Hermes Studio in France and interned for Iris Van Herpen at IVH Studio Amsterdam. Her earliest experience was as an assistant of Tex Saverio during Paris Fashion Week in 2014.

Founder & Business Strategies

Abdurrahman is experienced in working in several startups in Indonesia. She is studying Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at UQ to sharpen her entrepreneurial mindset and broaden her networking. Abdurrahman is interested in developing business strategies and is excellent at building client relationships.